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Festival of the Eccentrics

Iman Lizarazu and Avner the Eccentric Bring Eccentric Performing to Santa Cruz

Sept. 18 and 20 (Friday @ 8:00, Sunday @ 7:00)--Iman Lizarazu in Basquette Quese with an introduction by Avner the Eccentric

Sept. 19 (Saturday @ 8:00)—Avner the Eccentric in Exceptions to Gravity with an introduction by Iman Lizarazu


Basquette Quese

“Basquette Quese” starring Iman Lizarazu
Directors: Julie Goell and Avner the Eccentric

“Basquette Quese” starring Iman Lizarazu is a poetic tale about a clown in a war to fall asleep! In her classic comedic battle, Iman, the consummate Pierrot (the iconic character of mime and Commedia dell'Arte) cooks up hilarious strategies to exhaust herself. The result is a rollicking whirlwind of bed-time antics - juggling pillow feathers - a Flamenco ballet while juggling seven rings - a pirate's adventure atop a rola bola - and even a Tango that brings life to Max, her clothes hanger!

Iman's performance totally mesmerizes the audience. Her world renowned physical comedy, brilliant mime, dance and juggling deliver original, invigorating, tender and genuine, entertainment.

Iman, like no other, is a World Master and Teacher of Eccentric Performing, Circus Arts, and Commedia dell’Arte. Bring Iman to your community, and let her enrich the lives of your audiences forever!!

Iman wins the prestigious International Clowns Festival Jury Prize, in Milano, Italy.

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